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​Public Speaker and Personal Growth Advice

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Mama is a 67 year old mother of four, grandmother of 10! Mama knows what she is talking about, but keep in mind there ARE different perspectives, and you may have one.

Mama works for state government in a public aid office. She is trained as a life coach and Reiki master, is a published author and poet and a student/teacher of A Course in Miracles.

Mama is an Advanced Communicator Gold and Competent Leader with Toastmasters International. She speaks to groups large and small, specialties being Toastmasters and topics relating to personal/spiritual growth.

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I learned much from my mama. I attempted to pass on her wisdom (with my own added)  to my four grown children. Knowing I made mistakes, I sincerely hope they remember the love inherent in those words of advice. I know they will do the same for their children.

You will find wisdom for all kinds of people here: for those on a path of personal growth or spiritual growth, for job seekers, for parents and for students and others needing to improve skills involving speaking, listening, evaluation and leadership.

You can read my original and favorite famous poetry, learn the easiest most enjoyable way to improve your health and find quotes in many categories to use in your speaking, writing or in passing along advice….

By the way, you DO know what to do with advice, don’t you? You listen respectfully, consider the advice is well meant and ponder it a while. If it makes sense to you in your situation, take the advice to heart and use it. If it does not, file it away for future reference to pass on to others or to discard.

Here’s a bit of advice to start you out. It’s also directed to my son:

"Never go to a doctor whose office plants have died."

--Erma Bombeck


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