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Mama is an advanced contest winning speaker and leader in the Toastmasters organization. Mama is endorsed by many on Linkedin and has given commencement addresses, leadership workshops, life coaching sessions and motivational speeches.

Mama loves to share her wisdom on many topics with large and small groups. Her favorite topics on which to speak are:

* A Course in Miracles

* Creating Your Reality

*The Humor in Growing Old (ala Maxine)

* Love…What is it Anyway?

* T​oastmasters

Mama has topics within these subjects (goal setting, God, affirmations, forgiveness, intuition, etc.) and many others. 

If you require a speaker for a group, let Mama know your chosen subject, give Mama a bit of time and she can fulfill your needs.  

Contact Mama as it says on the following page to give your information, the size and make-up of your group and an overall description, the venue where the occasion will occur, the location, etc. 

    ​Mama Speaks!

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