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Potty training 

It will come naturally if you watch for the signs, attend to them and realize that it won't happen until the little one can control the muscles that hold back the output and release it.

Usually the first thing you'll see is that a soiled or wet diaper makes them uncomfortable. The next will be the knowledge you see in their little face that they KNOW what they're doing. If you have a little potty in the bathroom and they have seen you use the big one, tell them something like, "Time to change your diaper. Next time maybe you can put the poo poo in the potty." 

Please don't punish them if they have an accident at any stage. You do not want to cause fear. When they are successful in using the potty seat, praise, praise, praise.

Please don't call your child "a bad boy" or "a bad girl." Let them know you do not always like their behavior but you love them unconditionally! If you call them bad, they may feel you expect them to be that way and act up just to get your attention. You want to reinforce good behavior.

Terrible twos? Nah! Your darling baby is learning (s)he is separate from mommy and daddy and wants to make decisions. Give them every opportunity to do so: What shirt do you want today the red or the blue? What do you want for lunch...this or that? (not too many choices, please)

DO NOT pretend they have a choice when you will not follow through and give it to them: Do you want to put away your toys now and get ready for bed? THAT's a no-no! 

Following this will make the twos much easier on everyone!  

More Mama's Wisdom

Job Seekers 

Here are some interview tips for you:

Do not be afraid to toot your own horn - within reason. 

Answer the interviewer's questions honestly. 

Relax - you are every bit as good as they are. 

Do not wear more than a tiny drop of perfume or after shave.

Wearing something red makes you appear more confident.

If you are asked what your weakness is, turn it into a strength. "It may seem like I take longer at  

some tasks, but I am thorough. I check my work carefully."


 Smile naturally; shake hands - firmly but not crushingly.

 Join Toastmasters! It's a great thing to put on your resume.  (se​e Mama Speaks)

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