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Recommended Reading

  for Job Seekers

(Books are great teachers. Remember, however, to read with an open mind, and do not necessarily believe everything you read. Take what feels right to you and discard the rest.)

Do What You Love and the Money will Follow ​by Marsha Sinetar

The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino

Resumes for Dummies by  Joyce Lain Kennedy

            Mama's Advice:

Please also refer to the page on this site, "More Mama's Wisdom."

Be aware also, that in the current job market, you may need to accept a job that you would have considered 'beneath' you, is less pay or not quite what you wanted.

To pay the bills, as long as you could tolerate the work, accept the job - and keep looking

If feel you can find SOMETHING to do with your employment to like. It could be the pay check, the work itself, the friendly co-workers, the proximity to home...You get the idea.

You will not find a job you love more until you love the job you have now.

Maggie Lome

This is

           what Mama


Mama Speaks

on the subject of job seeking and interview skills.

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